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25, Kozorog, united state
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Spolna usmerjenostBiseksualec
Višina>6' - 6'3" [185cm - 195cm]
Teža120 - 140 lbs [55 - 63 kg]
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First and foremost I LOVE CHUBBY GUYS! I'm a real deal chubby chaser. My second major turn on is hilarious people because I'm a goofball. Thirdly, I get turned on by people who can play both sensual and aggressive. I always say "kiss my next first before you choke me out". Aggressive talk does something different when it's comes form kind lips. I'm a sucker for gentle giants. A sweet heart who can smoothly mixed nasty talk with words of admiration!
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A true nurturer at heart, providing unconditional love to those who want it
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I hate having to tell someone they are annoying me because I wear my emotions really well. If I have to correct your behavior towards me you have already turned me completely off! No turning back form that!
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Spinning Gold Stripper Pole
Spinning Gold Stripper Pole
I am so in love it this stripper pole! It would be great to have for you all on my "party nights". I'm offering a FREE 30 min private show or video for the lucky guy that gifts this to me. This product is available on Amazon.com (the pole MUST spin and it MUST be gold) Name listed below: X-Dance (TM) 45 mm Professional Exotic Fitness Removable Pole Dance Fitness CHROME GOLD, 2 Black Portable Carry Bags Included, Dancing Spinning Pole …
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Lush by Lovense
Lush by Lovense
Want to be able control me. Now you can! This product will allow you to control before all around the work. The lucky guy that gift me this will have a chance to be the 1st to test it out with a FREE 30min private video. This product is available on Amazon.
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